Steampunk Clothing Collective Review by Ezequias, 10/08/15
Michelle Campbell
Michelle Campbell November 8, 2012 at 1:25 pm This is awesome Dominique!! I will show the<a href="http://jisllzeesfn.com"> stduents</a>, they won't believe how much work you put into it and the amazing process, thanks so much for contributing! Looking forward to the night onthe 22nd November, 6.00pm at Coomera Creative Industries Campus, 198 Foxwell Road Coomera. I will be putting in a bid!
Steampunk Clothing Collective Review by Malak, 09/19/15
You know what sucks?
You know what sucks? That people of all sizes can't buy your girl t-shirts, bseuace it seems you believe there is some inherint merit in being thin! People of all sizes can be healthy, clothing should be a reward for starving yourself. You need to at least make the girl shirts in 3x. I don't see why it's so difficult for clothing companies to realize, not all women are a size zero.
Steampunk Clothing Collective Review by guest, 09/08/10
Steampunk Clothing Collective Review by guest, 09/04/10

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