Ultra-Violet, Cyber/Clubwear Review by Ervin, 12/16/12
You can get a secured criedt card.This means that you will need to make a deposit $500 $2000 to a bank and that bank will give you a criedt card at the amount of your deposit.Afte a while, the bank will either raise your criedt without a deposit or return your deposit altogether.This takes about a year or two.
Ultra-Violet, Cyber/Clubwear Review by Patricia, 12/14/12
doddesalin:Hi,If the picture was taken wihutot a card in the camera, it was stored in the camera. Deleting or formatting the internal camera memory should remove the image completely. If it was taken with a card in the camera, it will have been recorded on the card and you have a bigger problemIf its on a card, then you are right. Deleted images can be recovered from a memory card there are may pieces of software available on the web which will do it some are even free!Formatting in the camera only removes file system links on the card, it does not remove the image data, so it is possible to recover it or at least some of it.There are 3 options: -1. If your camera has a "low-level format" option, then use it. If you do not know what I am talking about your camera does not have this option2. Format the card on a computer you will need a card adapter for the computer and do not select the "quick format" option. This is not the same as connecting the camera to the computer with a USB cord3. Format the card in the camera, and shoot images until the card is full, use the highest quality setting on the camera and this will take less time to fill the card. This will overwrite any images left on the card and it will not be possible to recover themOh yes the fourth option throw the card and buy a new one. This is the 100% way.CheersCharles

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